A number of TCW members & attenders are reading the Bible together and learning a catechism together in 2023. We believe doing so will contribute to our experience of God's grace, and our enjoyment of genuine community, and our engagement in the renewal of society.  

We're using the Old Testament & New Testament Bible-in-a-year plan. You can join any time (no need to get caught up).  

Option 1: paper copy

Option 2: YouVersion App (apple, android


We're also learning a catechism together. Christians have used catechisms (a system of questions and answers to help people learn theology) for hundreds of years. We're using the New City Catechism, and we're learning one question each week (there are 52).  

You can access the NCC for free here: New City Catechism 

Join us in learning God's word and sound doctrine!