The Main Thing

If someone asked us: what is the main thing your church wants for the Twin Cities?, our answer would be that everyone here gets the opportunity to really hear and rightly understand (what Christians commonly call) the gospel. 

The gospel (which is short for: the gospel of Jesus Christ) is often misunderstood. Nothing in any religion, worldview, philosophy, or belief system is even like the gospel. It is what makes Christianity entirely unique, and it is the message that consistently transforms the lives of individuals and families all around the world. 

The gospel is news, not instructions 

The word gospel means "good news." One of the things that makes the gospel unique is the fact that it is an announcement, not a set of instructions. It is news about something that has happened and what it means for those who believe. It is the glorious announcement that God has sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to become man, live a perfect life, die a sacrificial death, be buried in a tomb, and then triumphantly rise again from the dead. It is the good news that through His death, Jesus Christ has fully paid for the sins of everyone who has ever, or will ever, put their faith in the one true living God. It is also the good news that everyone who believes is not only forgiven of their sins, but also declared righteous in God's sight; permanently.  And, as if that isn't enough, it is also the good news that everyone who believes will spend eternity in the presence of God in a new heavens and new earth where everything and everyone will be perfect forever. 

The gospel changes lives

When a person genuinely believes Jesus Christ has fully paid for all of his or her sin, given him or her His righteousness, and secured an eternity of total flourishing for him or her, it begins to change him or her from the inside out. First, that person is set free from the guilt and shame he has been carrying because of his sins, failures, and foolish acts. Second, that person is given the Holy Spirit who empowers him to trust God and live differently. Third, that person's life begins to be aimed at, and shaped by, the glory of God. Much more can and should be said, but suffice to say: nothing changes a person's life more than genuine repentance and faith in Christ. 

The gospel is for you (and anyone and everyone)

Trinity Church exists so that more and more people in our city and around the world can hear this good news and begin a life of glorifying and enjoying God, as well as being a blessing to their community and culture.  If you'd like to know more about beginning a life free from guilt and shame and filled with purpose and joy, send Pastor Matt an email.